Kanami Mihara
Kanami Mihara
Name in Japanese 三原 かなみ
Romaji Translation Mihara Kanami
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mina
Voice Actor (English) Megan Emerick
Personal Info
Gender Female
Classification Human
Status Active
Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 01
Appears in Light Novel, Anime

Kanami Mihara (三原 かなみ, Mihara Kanami?) is Ayumu's classmate, also Yuki and Taeko's friend. On Sarasvati's "Unlock Dere Side of 5 Maid Cafe's Maid", she's the last contestant whom even Ayumu couldn't beat her, but was beaten by Orito's rather forward statement (which may be hinting at a possible crush).

In volume 7, Haruna planned a surprise mock wedding for Ayumu and different brides which includes most girls in the story. But the real intention was to actually bring Mihara and Orito together as Mihara was opposed to Ayumu being her groom while Haruna suddenly pulling Ayumu down the stage and push Orito up.

During the last minutes of the wedding, Mihara feels really blissful and was on the verge of confessing but Orito had totally misunderstood the situation, asking why Mihara is acting so strange.


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