Koreha Zombie Desuka? Episode 04
Korezom ep4
Title in Japanese ちょ、俺輝いてる?
Romaji Translation Cho, Ore Kagayaiteru?
Japanese Translation Whoa, Am I Glowing?
Season 1
Episode Number Episode 04
Release Date (Japanese) February 1, 2011
Release Date (English) August 5, 2015
Opening Leave-It-To-Me Tonight
Ending Notice Me, Mr. Zombie, I Am Your Classmate
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"Whoa, Am I Glowing?" (ちょ、俺輝いてる?, Cho, Ore Kagayaiteru??) is the fourth episode of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? anime. The Japanese version was aired on February 1, 2011, and the English version on August 5, 2015.


While wondering if he should suspect Eucliwood, Ayumu is attacked by a Doberman Megalo named Kerberos Wansard, though he stops when he recognizes Eucliwood. As he takes his leave, he mentions taking the soul of someone being killed, so Ayumu decides to follow him. Kerberos tells Ayumu about how Eucliwood takes on people's pain when she heals them. After arriving at the crime scene, where the soul had already been sacrificed, they are both stabbed and Kerberos is killed, with Ayumu unable to make out the killer's face. Upon returning home, Ayumu talks with Eucliwood, who explains that in order to keep her magic under control, she can't express emotions or speak any words. Eucliwood cries, wondering if Ayumu hates her now that he knows this, but he insists that he will stay by her side. The next day, the city is attacked by a giant Whale Megalo, which Seraphim and Ayumu in Masou-Shoujo form fight against. After Seraphim cuts it, Ayumu utilizes 1000% of his Masou-Shoujo form's power to "kick" its head off.