Koreha Zombie Desuka? Episode 05
Korezom ep5
Title in Japanese ええ、京豆腐どすえ
Romaji Translation Ee, Kyōtōfu dosue
Japanese Translation Yeah, That's Kyoto Tofu
Season 1
Episode Number Episode 05
Release Date (Japanese) February 8, 2011
Release Date (English) August 12, 2015
Opening Leave-It-To-Me Tonight
Ending Notice Me, Mr. Zombie, I Am Your Classmate
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"Yeah, That's Kyoto Tofu" (ええ、京豆腐どすえ, Ee, Kyōtōfu dosue?) is the fifth episode of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? anime. The Japanese version was aired on February 8, 2011, and the English version on August 12, 2015.


In order to stay alive, Seraphim drinks a little blood from Haruna, kissing her as an anesthetic. As the girls takes a bath, Ayumu takes a call from Haruna's teacher, Dai-sensei, who tells her she originally planned to send Haruna to Kyoto to get some tofu, but she ended up in Tokyo instead. Ayumu then gets a call from Kyoko, who agrees to meet up with him to give him some Kyoto tofu. As the two meet up at the graveyard, Kyoko suddenly stabs Ayumu, revealing herself as both the serial killer and a Masou-Shoujo. She tries to kill Ayumu, but Haruna and Seraphim arrive to back him up, though Kyoko still has the advantage using powers similar to a Megalo's. As Ayumu transforms and joins Seraphim in fighting her, Kyoko reveals she decided to start harvesting souls in order to become immortal. Ayumu manages to grab hold of Kyoko while Seraphim stabs through him to get to her. However, she manages to survive and wounds Seraphim, forcing Eucliwood to step in.