Koreha Zombie Desuka? Episode 11
Korezom ep11
Title in Japanese ああ、オレの所にいろ!
Romaji Translation Ā, Ore no Tokoro ni Iro!
Japanese Translation Yeah, You Stay With Me!
Season 1
Episode Number Episode 11
Release Date (Japanese) March 29, 2011
Release Date (English) September 23, 2015
Opening Leave-It-To-Me Tonight
Ending Notice Me, Mr. Zombie, I Am Your Classmate
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"Yeah, You Stay With Me!" (ああ、オレの所にいろ!, Ā, Ore no Tokoro ni Iro!?) is the eleventh episode of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? anime. The Japanese version was aired on March 29, 2011, and the English version on September 23, 2015.


The girls manage to find all the pieces to put Ayumu back together, but he does not wake up. Dai-sensei appears and sends Haruna's mind into Ayumu's self-consciousness, where he is blaming himself for being too weak. Haruna manages to knock some sense into him, allowing him to wake up. Later, Ayumu and Haruna appear before King of the Night and Eucliwood, while Seraphim, who had drank Eucliwood's blood, stands against the gateway to the demon world, using the violin to play a soothing song to fight off the hordes of Megalo coming through until the other vampire ninjas arrive to back her up. As Ayumu struggles against King of the Night, Mystletainn reacts and convinces both Ayumu and Haruna to transform into Masou-Shoujos, allowing them to overcome King of the Night's mist, though Haruna is separated from Ayumu in the process. Ayumu then proceeds to beat King of the Night up for not understanding Eucliwood's feelings. King of the Night comes to understand Ayumu and Eucliwood finally agrees to let him die. Afterwards, Ayumu begs Eucliwood not to leave again and she responds with her own voice that she'll stay with him no matter what. Haruna then flies in from the sky, crash landing in front of them. She tells them she flew across the world, and then was surprised to hear Eucliwood's voice.

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