Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead
Episode 07
Korezom otd ep7
Title in Japanese うん、先生が最強だよ!
Romaji Translation Un, Sensei ga Saikyō Dayo!
Japanese Translation Yeah, I'm the Strongest Teacher!
Season 2
Episode Number Episode 07
Release Date (Japanese) May 17, 2012
Opening ***Passionato
Ending I'm a Beginner at Love (T_T)
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"Yeah, I'm the Strongest Teacher!" (うん、先生が最強だよ!, Un, Sensei ga Saikyō Dayo!?) is the seventh episode of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead anime. It was aired on May 17, 2012.


As a result of absorbing Eucliwood's mana, Haruna now experiences the same pains Eucliwood usually faces when speaking and being expressive. As the second day of the festival goes underway, Haruna throws her mana-absorption device away while Yuki has her ring confiscated by the teacher. At the end of the festival, the same teacher reveals himself to be the fairy Ayumu had met, a Masou-Shoujo named Chris who was Dai-sensei's mentor, who had used Haruna's device to absorb enough mana to undo a curse placed upon her. After launching the entire class into the sky, she manages to beat Ayumu before escaping with everyone's mana. As Dai-sensei gets word of Chris' revival, Kyoko offers to make a deal with her.