Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead
Episode 10
Korezom otd ep10
Title in Japanese だけど, それがいい
Romaji Translation Dakedo, Sore ga Ii
Japanese Translation Still, That's Fine
Season 2
Episode Number Episode 10
Release Date (Japanese) June 7, 2012
Opening ***Passionato
Ending I'm a Beginner at Love (T_T)
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"Still, That's Fine" (だけど, それがいい, Dakedo, Sore ga Ii?) is the tenth episode of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead anime. It was aired on June 7, 2012.


As Dai-sensei takes over as teacher for Ayumu's class, she decides to put Ayumu through a trial, threatening to erase his memories should he fail. A class taught by Haruna soon comes under chaos when she accidentally creates a giant, "indecent" slime (it dissolves clothing). Judging Ayumu's ability to handle the situation as a failure, Dai-sensei takes away Ayumu's memories. As Haruna, Eucliwood and Sera express their desire to bring Ayumu's memories back, Dai-sensei gives them the opportunity to dive into his consciousness and recover his memories. Finding a remnant of Ayumu's memories, the girls soon come across representations of Ayumu's various emotions, but easily beat them. They soon come across the representation of Ayumu's sloth, Belphegor, who takes over Ayumu's body. As Eucliwood confronts Ayumu in her Masou-Shoujo mode, she shows him all the notes she had written for him and, working with Haruna, manages to bring back his memories. At the end of the episode, a new girl holding a talking doll (who is believed to be Lilia Lilith, the queen of Villiers) is shown to have an interest in Ayumu, foreshadowing things to come. The episode then concludes after showing short scenes of Naegleria and Chris, Saras and Yuki, and the Aikawa household.