Koreha Zombie Desuka? Volume 02
Korezom Volume 2
Is This a Zombie?
Yes, I'm the One Who Calls Death
Title in Japanese これはゾンビですか? そう、私は死を呼ぶもの
Romaji Translation Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka? Sō, Watashi wa Shi o Yobu Mono
Japanese Translation Is This a Zombie? Yes, I'm the One Who Calls Death
Date of Release May 20, 2009
ISBN Number ISBN 978-4-8291-3405-4
Number of Pages 285 pages
Cover Character(s) Eucliwood Hellscythe
Previous Volume Volume 01
Next Volume Volume 03

"Yes, I'm the One Who Calls Death" (そう、私は死を呼ぶもの, Sō, Watashi wa Shi o Yobu Mono?) is the second volume of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? light novel series. It was published on May 20, 2009.

Publisher's Summary

Have you tried brushing off sparks from a fire? If my body can handle dealing with troublesome things with my neighbour, then everything would just go smoothly. This is what I'm currently pondering right now. However, as a zombie that can transform into a Masou-Shoujo, I, Ayumu Aikawa, ends up falling into those sparks as the necromancer Eu, the Masou-Shoujo Haruna, and the vampire ninja Sera join me at my place.

Then, another vampire ninja who is antagonistic towards Sera appears, but in an unexpected stroke of luck, ends up kissing me. That girl, named Yuki, is my schoolmate, and now, is my wife as well...!? To add to the mass, an outbreak of monsters erupts, and Dai-sensei asks an unusual request to watch over something. One after the other, the misfortunes keep on piling up.

Ahh! I'm completely swept away.

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