Lilia lilith
Name in Japanese リリア・リリス
Romaji Translation Riria Ririsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mariko Honda
Voice Actor (English) Apphia Yu
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Classification Queen of Villiers
Status Active
Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 10 (Season 2)
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 08
Appears in Light Novel, Anime

Lilia Lilith (リリア・リリス, Riria Ririsu?) is the queen of Villiers. She is the one who cursed Chris along with other Masou-Shoujo who tried to overthrow her from her position. Ariel, the leader of the rebellion, managed to escape and currently teaches at Matellis. She makes a very brief appearance in the final episode of Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead.

In the volume 8 of the light novel, she appears after the events of the second season in a comiket-like event to buy Nene's new doujinshi. While there, she met with Ayumu and had a brief fight with him, severely injuring Saras and Sera. At a later time, while Ayumu was still thinking of a way to deal with the Queen, they shared a kiss by accident. This caused the Queen to put her curse on Ayumu, making everyone forget about Ayumu as long as they are not within Ayumu's vicinity.

She appears again in volume 9 of the novel after accepting an invitation from Haruna to have fun. While in the human world, she stays in Ayumu's house and appears to have no memory of him, most likely due to her own curse. It appears that she did have some suspicions on Ayumu if she had put a curse on him before. She threaten to kill Ayumu if she had indeed cursed him before.

By volume 8, it appears that the Queen does have some feelings for Ayumu as she said that her heart beats faster while being with Ayumu.


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