Haruna as Masou Shoujo

Haruna as a Masou-Shoujo.

Masou Shoujo Ayumu

Ayumu as a Masou-Shoujo.

A Masō-Shōjo (魔装少女?, lit. "magically ornamented girl", translated as Magiclad Girl, or Magikewl Girl in the English manga, and Magical Garment Girl in the English dub) is a class of girls with magical powers. Masou-Shoujo particularly possess a magical weapon to use in combat, and this weapon is their key to transforming into a Masou-Shoujo. Because of how the transformation process works, even males can perform the transformation sequence as long as they have the magical powers of a Masou-Shoujo. Most Masou-Shoujo come from the world of Villiers.

The transformation sequence is activated by reciting the incantation Nomobuyo, Oshi, Hashitawa, Dokeda, Gunmīcha, Dē Ribura (ノモブヨ、ヲシ、ハシタワ、ドケダ、グンミーチャ、デーリブラ?). This incantation is simply the phrase "I'm Lovely and Charming but I Summon Death" (ラブリーでチャーミングだけど私は死を呼ぶ者! Raburī de Chāmingu Dakedo Watashi wa Shi o Yobu Mono?) recited in reversed Japanese.

Common Abilities

Although Masou-Shoujo can possess abilities unique to them, there are certain abilities that Masou-Shoujo commonly possess.

  • Memory Manipulation - In order for Masou-Shoujo to keep their affairs against Megalo a secret to the general public, Masou-Shoujo are equipped with the ability to manipulate a person's memories. The most basic of memory manipulation abilities only needs physical contact to work, but large-scale memory wipes are possible, although how it is done is unknown. Only those with magic from a Masou-Shoujo are immune to another Masou-Shoujo's memory manipulation abilities. Destroying the weapon needed for transformation renders the Masou-Shoujo unable to use this ability.
  • Erecting Barriers - A basic ability for Masou-Shoujo, it consists of summoning a barrier that can be used in a variety of ways. While Haruna has demonstrated the defensive capabilities of a barrier, Kyoko has once used a barrier to immobilize Ayumu in one occasion. Creating barriers is possibly taught in Masou-Shoujo training schools in Villiers as part of their curriculum and can be used without the need of transforming.

Noted Masou-Shoujo

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