Megalo (メガロ, Megaro?) are a type of creature that originate from Villiers, which are used to train Masou-Shoujo. In reality, they are originally the souls of the deceased, collected and turned into physical forms which resemble animals. Megalo are mostly ruthless creatures in spite of their sometimes cute looks. Surprisingly, many of the Megalo wear a student's gakuran.

Villiers also adopt a system of organizing Megalo based on their strengths, and Masou-Shoujo are given points based on the class of Megalo they defeat in battle.


A Megalo's abilities can vary depending on their current animal form. For example, Kumacchi is equipped with the same lethal claws of a bear and can unleash deadly swipes to an opponent, while the "Victorious and Undefeated Blue Whale" uses its sheer size to withstand attacks that are fatal to much smaller Megalo.

However, all Megalo share a common ability: the ability to inflict fear into one's opponents. This ability comes in the form of a thick gray mist that can cover a wide area in an instant. Most opponents are immobilized by this mist, and some even lose their will to fight as a result of the mist instilling fear into the minds of those inside it. As a result, it is not advisable to fight Megalo without backup, as being inflicted by the mist's effects can be threatening to anyone, even Masou-Shoujo.

Notable Megalo

  • Kumacchi, Class B Megalo
  • Crayfish-shaped Megalo, Class AA Megalo
  • The "Victorious and Undefeated Blue Whale", Class AAA Megalo
  • Kerberos Wansard, Unknown Class Megalo
  • The Horibble Wanderlei Horse, Class AA Megalo
  • Jellyfish-shaped Megalo
  • Squid-shaped Megalo
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