Naegleria Nebiros
Name in Japanese ネグレリア・ネビロス
Romaji Translation Negureria Nebirosu
Nickname(s) Nene (ネネ?)
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ami Koshimizu
Voice Actor (English) Kelly McHalen
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Affiliation(s) Seventh Abyss (former)
Status Active
Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 09 (Season 2)
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 07
Appears in Light Novel, Anime

Naegleria Nebiros (ネグレリア・ネビロス, Negureria Nebirosu?), also known as the dōjinshi Nene (ネネ?), is a friend of Eucliwood, who is recognised to be the strongest warrior from the Underworld. She was a former member of the Seventh Abyss. Nene is responsible for making Eu's gauntlets and armor to help keep her magic under control. She is the one who helps Chris transform back into her original Masou-Shoujo form while the latter is under the influence of the curse of the Queen. Sarasvati is a fan of her.


Nene is a girl with long red hair and gold eyes. She has a very large bust that is even larger than Seraphim's and she usually wears only simple underwear consisting of short shorts and an undershirt.


She appears to fall asleep most of the time, and tends to drink sake with Chris. She is an excellent artist, capable of drawing mangas and the like. She personally rejected Ayumu's favor of defeating Chris. She appears to be laidback and somewhat forgetful upon Ayumu's first impression of her.



  • Naegleria is named after a severe amoeba that can infect the brain. While her last name is derived from one of demons in the Ars Goetia.
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