Taeko Hiramatsu
Taeko hiramatsu
Name in Japanese 平松 妙子
Romaji Translation Hiramatsu Taeko
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rie Yamaguchi
Voice Actor (English) Erica Harte
Personal Info
Gender Female
Classification Human
Status Active
Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 01
Appears in Light Novel, Anime

Taeko Hiramatsu (平松 妙子, Hiramatsu Taeko?) is Ayumu's classmate. She is also friends with Yuki Yoshida, Kanami Mihara, Tulio Orito, and Shimomura. She has a crush on Ayumu. While conversely Ayumu doesn't notice her feeling.


Taeko has brown hair tied up into pigtails. She is frequently seen wearing the school uniform.


Taeko Hiramatsu is a kind, friendly, caring and somewhat shy individual. She has strong feelings for Ayumu, but doesn't act on them, shown first when she tries to make him an obento, but doesn't give it to him. She also, during the second season, rushes to Ayumu's defense when his classmates accuse him of being the chainsaw hentai-boy running around their school's graveyard. 


Hiramatsu first met Ayumu at a street. It was raining at that day. She noticed Ayumu who gave his umbrella to cover a neglected cat. In return, Hiramatsu gave her umbrella to Ayumu. Upon seeing this, Hiramatsu claimed that she adored Ayumu.


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