Tulio Orito
Name in Japanese 織戸 闘莉王
Romaji Translation Orito Tūrio
Nickname(s) Invincible Eroman
Voice Actor (Japanese) Shinya Takahashi (Drama CD)
Hiroyuki Yoshino (Anime)
Voice Actor (English) Anthony Bowling
Personal Info
Gender Male
Classification Human
Status Active
Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 01
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 01
Debut (Manga) Chapter 02
Appears in Light Novel, Drama CD, Anime, Manga

Tulio Orito (織戸 闘莉王, Orito Tōrio?) is a friend of Ayumu Aikawa, who is in the same class as him in school. Orito is known for being a pervert and a bit of a creeper, thus making him a bit unpopular among girls. Orito is quite a lively character and stands out in class.

He supposedly has data of all the female students, however, his luck with girls is really bad. Despite that, he continues to act like every single girl wants him.




In season 2 of the anime, he figured out about Ayumu's (then-new) double life as a Masou-Shoujo, but fortunately, as revealed at the start of episode 2, Ayumu erased his memory of the incident, along with those of the other students, and presumably erased himself from all the pictures they took of the incident, as well as all copies they presumably sent to their friends.



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