Yuki Yoshida
Name in Japanese 吉田 友紀
Romaji Translation Yoshida Yuki
Nickname(s) Maelstrom (メイル・シュトローム, Meiru Shutorōmu?)
Tomonori (トモノリ?)
Yukinori (ユキノリ?)
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mamiko Noto (Drama CD)
Hisako Kanemoto (Anime)
Voice Actor (English) Brittney Karbowski
Personal Info
Gender Female
Classification Vampire Ninja
Status Active
Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 02 (cameo)
Episode 07 (officially)
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 02
Debut (Manga) Chapter 08
Appears in Light Novel, Drama CD, Anime, Manga

Yuki Yoshida (吉田 友紀, Yoshida Yuki?), or more commonly known as Maelstrom (メイル・シュトローム, Meiru Shutorōmu?) is a vampire ninja of a faction opposing Seraphim's clan. Because of how her name is written, Orito nicknamed her as "Tomonori" (トモノリ?), which she only allows Ayumu to call her. She is also called "Yukinori" (ユキノリ?) by Haruna.


She is somewhat short compared to her friends. Yuki has blonde hair, the right side of her hair to be tied up using a ribbon. Orito had asked about her breasts size, which later she accidentally revealed them to be E-cup.


Before meeting Ayumu, she tends to act rude, referring to herself as "ore" (俺), which is more frequently used by boys. Upon kissing Ayumu, she starts to act more soft and attentive to him.


When she and Ayumu first met, Haruna shoved him into her, causing them to kiss. By vampire ninja law, they are technically married, and, at school she treats him as a husband. Ayumu doesn't seem to take it very seriously, but Yuki says that she's always wanted to be married. She asks for an advice from Kanami Mihara and Taeko Hiramatsu. Kanami told her that she should start from cooking. As such, she began to make a homemade lunch for Ayumu. However, she always messes up with excessive amount of sauce and ketchup. Later in season 2, she was chosen to be a backup dancer for Sarasvati. She was performing a curse dance instead, that made the people nearby to suffer suffocation. As such, Haruna helped her regarding this matter, but the two performed a voodoo dance together instead. Ayumu also tried to help her, however the result was still the same in the end.


Tonkotsu Ramen: She is somehow able to dispel a Megalo by covering them in tonkotsu ramen, a kind of pork soup, and even had a machine which sprays the ramen soup in case of a Megalo emergency, but was destroyed later. She doesn't understand it herself, as she mentioned in episode seven, "I don't get the part about the super string theory either", but it seems to be very effective.

Spirit Possession: Yuki has a giant flame spirit inside her, named Mysticore. When she loses her control, it will take over her consciousness and go on a rampage, destroying everything nearby.

Curse Dance: Yuki is able to perform a curse dance, and the first person who spreads it to her comrades. Haruna refers this as a voodoo dance that is used by demon worshipers. It can cause someone nearby to suffer suffocation, and forcing them to dance as well.


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